Tree Creeper (Certhia familiaris)

This fair trade Tree Creeper sculpture by Archipelago is hand carved from renewable softwood.

Circa 35cm high.

This quiet and unobtrusive Treecreeper often goes unnoticed except for its particular mouse like movement, hopping sporadically as it works its way up and down tree trunks in a spiral. It is equally happy moving upside down along the underside of branches in its search for insects and spiders.

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In winter treecreepers feed on seeds like pine and spruce, and roost in hollows on the sheltered side of trees. Treecreepers do not move far from their roost sites and they often used to be seen in gardens in the company of parties of roving blue-tits and gold crests.

Numbers have declined but they are still relatively common in woods, parks and mature gardens.

As these sculptures are hand carved and painted they are all unique and there can be minor differences.

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Dimensions 30 cm


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